Investments Into The City Flights Market
The market for air taxi services promises to reach $1.2Tn p.a. within years. This market is for various industries: manufacturers, service providers, software and hardware infrastructure elements, maintenance, etc.
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Meet flying vehicles —
we call them eVTOL
eVTOL AAV — electic vertical take-off and landing autonomous aerial vehicle
300 km/h150 km/h
flight time
30 min30 min
flight range
150 km75 km
above ground
Up to 900 mUp to 1000 m
Autopilot or pointing directions
Two size classes:
2-seater, 4-seater
Solving the problem of traffic jams
Economical and environmentally friendly
More than 20 companies are working on eVTOLs. Some already have vehicles in certification for commercial use. Daimler Ventures, Boeing, Geely/Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures are investing in the eVTOL production.
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Oleg Tsyganov, Corporate Partnerships,

‘I see lots of opportunities in this emerging market. Imagine you are in the beginning of XX century, you know how enormously the market of personal cars is going to grow and you have capital to invest. Your actions?’

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