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Send ≥5 ETH to the address below to get your McFly tokens already now before the Token Launch and with 15% bonus to the opening rate. (Note, you will not get them immediately, but you will certainly have them issued before the Token Launch). If you send <5 ETH you will get your McFly at an opening rate — do this to secure your tokens and not miss the dates of that rate.


Tell us your ETH address to pair with your email address. We may refuse unidentified transactions.

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We strongly urge you to provide ID and proof of address. In most cases it is your passport (or drivers license) and utility bill. We may refuse transactions from unidentified addresses. You may also fill this in later — just start over the procedure and enter your same e-mail address to get to this screen. By providing this information, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Please download the .pdf instruction how to add token to your Mist Wallet.