Become a partner —
own your pioneer’s reward
Become a partner — own your pioneer’s reward
We are reaching out to entrepreneurial minds in different cities interested in new and growing markets.
The new huge market is coming — join it now
Urban flights are going to be $1.2tn market by 2030. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs, community and media. Imagine 10 years ago you'd known that Bitcoin was going to be what it is now. What would you do? Now you have a new chance.
Meet flying vehicles —
we call them eVTOL
eVTOL AAV — electic vertical take-off and landing autonomous aerial vehicle
300 km/h150 km/h
flight time
30 min30 min
flight range
150 km75 km
above ground
Up to 900 mUp to 1000 m
Autopilot or pointing directions
Two size classes:
2-seater, 4-seater
Solving the problem of traffic jams
Economical and environmentally friendly
20 companies are working on them. 2 are very close to commercial vehicle. Daimler Ventures, Boeing, Geely/Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures are investing in the eVTOL production.
But it’s not only about vehicles — imagine 2027:
Anyone can buy or rent an eVTOL and be a pilot in a taxi service. You can become a pilot yourself, or start a school for pilots.
eVTOLs constantly require charging batteries. Buy chargers and place them in different city locations. Now all eVTOLs are going to pay you for using them.
eVTOL require landing pads to pick up passengers. If your real estate has horizontal planes which conform to safety requirements, set up landing pads on them and collect payments when eVTOLs use these.
As regular cars requires service, maintenance and repair, so do eVTOLs. Open a shop with spare parts, a workshop or an eVTOL upgrade studio.
Every industry has its media. Some of them are about business, others are for owners, other ones cover geek news… Also, there are bloggers — opinion leaders for audience. If you work in media, think about it and don’t miss out the industry emerging just as you read this text.
Every industry has its conferences, meetups and evangelists. The bigger the community is, the more influence it has on the industry, the higher the chances of successful negotiations with governments and other industries.
As you can see, there is a lot of options. The earlier you start, the more chances you’ve got to be at the top when the industry matures.
Transparency is the future blockchain system which will connect different hardware and software into one self-organising and ever growing network. All transactions will require McFly tokens. Fees will be based on load factors and market competition — so if you buy a charger, only you will decide how many tokens you’ll take per kWh of charge. It means that there will be no owner of the system. It’s all about community and people.
Hardware manufacturers and software developers
If you want to join McFly as a manufacturer, software developer or advisor, visit - the Consortium of software and hardware suppliers and other professional companies engaged in manufacture of goods and providing of services .
The Community
One of the main drivers of success is the support of the community. We are reaching out to those who can communicate McFly to industry members in different cities.
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