The Air Taxi Infrastructure
Urban Air Taxi in development for the real landing pads by the alliance of companies
From Lab to Landing Pad utilizes the practice-driven approach to help cities to prepare for, adapt to and implement air mobility systems. Within the current and developing regulation, based on the best technologies from top providers we bring the benefits to local communities, aiming to create jobs, as well as business and investment opportunities. facilitates technology transfer by bringing together products and technologies from companies worldwide to local entrepreneurs. The city may have the system deployed by entrepreneurial effort and financed by the venture capital.
Initiating laboratories to prototype urban flight, will put technologies to work within the existing regulatory frameworks. It will educate and guide the development of the public awareness and acceptance, as well as provide inputs for regulatory frameworks.
Start building a lab in your smart city. It started in Bangalore, Skolkovo, London, Innopolis... who's next?
1. Laboratory
2. Private flights
3. Public transport is an alliance of suppliers for the urban air mobility infrastructure: is led by experts and companies from relevant industries, urban planning, and regulation fields. We aim to share knowledge, develop interfaces and best practices for robust compatibility within the technology bundle to be offered for massively scalable air mobility systems.
We help participants to understand the preparedness of their local landscapes to mass urban air, to identify products to include into the emerging technology bundle. helps industry players to determine the applicability of their products and technologies for the air mobility systems, develop and execute the compatibility plan.
The result shall be the integrated technology bundle available for cities, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and communities on a “turn-key” basis. This ensures market access and provides a go-to-market strategy for the industry.
Meet Aerial Vehicles
VTOL AV — vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle
300 km/h 150 km/h
flight time
30 min 30 min
flight range
150 km 75 km
above ground
Up to 900 m Up to 1000 m
Among the industry verticals which we defined may source technologies into a working bundle, blockchain seems reliable and secure technology to enable safety protocols and a decentralised marketplace for the multiparty owned IoT-connected devices within the infrastructure. Experts
Advisors: Provide Strategic Guidance
Keith Teare
Investments & Strategy
Accelerated Digital Ventures, Executive Chairman
Toni Lane Casserly
Decentralised Governance
CULTU.RE, Founder
Sergey Borisov
Breakthrough Aviation
Commander, Test Pilot
Vicente Guallart
City Architecture
Guallart Architects, Founder
Solle Svan
Airspace Regulation
ATM Consult, President
John Riggins
Media Strategy
BTC Media, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific
Reuben Godfrey
Awareness Raising
Crypto Coast and the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Co-Founder
Toomas Allmere
Financial Controls
Collin Vine
Taskforce Marketplace, Co-Founder
Ilya Khanykov
Business Architecture, CEO
Nikolas Ivancic
Air Safety
Torbjörn Ranta
Investments & Global Strategy: Europe
Val Jerdes
Innovation Ecosystem
Innov8 Global, CEO
Dr. Sergey Ananyev
Hydrogen Energy
NRI Kurchatov, Lead Researcher
Olga Bolkunova
Global Strategy: Asia, CEO
Dmitriy Khizhinskiy
Blockchain Product Strategy
Co-founder and CEO, Forte-CT
Igor Smirnov
International Law
ING Bank Russia, Head of Legal, Board Member Alliance: Develops Technologies
Alexander Borodich, CEO
Eugene Shumilov, CEO
Eugene Yushkin, CEO
Ilya Khanykov, CEO
Nick Mcfly, Founder (AIRA)
Sergei Lonshakov, CEO
Sergey Tovkach, CTO
Dmitry Kachalov, CTO
Richard Lewis, Partnership Director
Exponent Technology Services
Asam Khan, CEO
Thumby Aviation Heli-taxii Pvt. Ltd
Govind Nair, Director
Origgin MaaS Consortium
Clarence Tan, CEO Infrastructure: Tests and Deploys Technologies
Ilya Khanykov
Vladimir Salatov
Aircraft Design
Vicente Bonto
I Gusti Putu Oka Dayendra
Abit Ghimire
Artem Kharchenko
McFly Russia Director
Dmitriy Khizhinskiy
Claudio Ramirez
Pierre Marc Emile Louis Roger Bogaerts
Wassaf Mohammed
South East Asia
Sumanth Kedilaya
Julián Gogorza
Latin America
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In my lifetime I saw how key technologies transformed aviation making it more affordable for passengers. It appears to me that blockchain has all the ground to become the next transformational technology.
Sergey Borisov
Hero of Russia, Decorated Officer, Supersonic Jet Commander, Member of the Bartini's Supervisory Board is something I was waiting from token projects for a long time — disruptive innovations plus decentralization of big market plus people with hard skills in the market industry.
Val Jerdes
International lecturer,head of the Silicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace.
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